MDT-Part005 Adding ExtraFiles to WinPE

  1. Open MDT (DeploymentWorkbench)
  2. Right Click on the Deployment share and select properties
  3. Click the Windows PE x86 Settings Tab (Or 64 Bit tab depending on what you are changing
  4. Under Windows PE Customizations, you should see a Extra Directory Directory to Add. Browse to the directory you want to use
  5. Hit Apply and then OK
  6. Repeat for the other Windows PE tab (if needed)
  7. Completely rebuild your deployment share. I’ve never had luck doing just a quick rebuild. If I do a quick rebuild, my image never changes it stays the same as it was.

These files will be included in the root of your WIM. You can include files in \Windows\System32 if you fancy. Just add a Windows folder to your ExtraFiles Directory.